Sydney Harbour Tunnel
Environmental Impact Statement

Educational Video Package
by Dr Sharon Beder BEng MIEAust

 Publication Date  March 1992

32 min documentary video

4 video tapes with 6 hours of interviews

Teachers guide with role playing game

3 monographs covering

  • cost-benefit analysis
  • environmental impact assessment
  • environmental planning

$A151 (within Australia)

$A200 (outside Australia

Environmental studies
Science & Technology Studies
Environmental economics
Government/Politics/Public Policy

This kit is about Environmental Impact Statements, their purpose and objectives and how well they achieve them. We have not set out to teach students how to do Environmental Impact Statements but rather to give students an understanding of what they are all about and the context in which they are used. The kit is a teaching aid for University and senior high school students.

We have used the Sydney Harbour Tunnel as a case study. We have used it because it is a project that many people have heard about and can relate to and because it highlights many of the issues and dilemmas surrounding environmental impact assessment processes.

The kit includes a number of resources that teachers/lecturers may find helpful in teaching students about Environmental Impact Statements and Assessment. Although the kit uses New South Wales legislation as the basis the issues raised are relevant to students in other parts of Australia and elsewhere in the world where projects must be evaluated for their environmental impact before being given approval to proceed.

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